Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

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Fawsitt House


Secretary :  BERYL GARTSIDE 

Hockey Captain :  BRENDA HOWARD
Netball Captain :  BERYL CRESSEY
Rugby Captain :  WINSTON SMITH
Soccer Captain :  RONALD COOPER
Swimming Captain :  BERYL CRESSEY
Rounders Captain :  VERA STUTTARD

This year dawned showing a reorganisation in the Houses - three in all, viz., red, green and blue.  Our House - red, was named Fawsitt House, not after a certain member of our house, but after an eminent Oldhamcr of bygone days.  The House seems fairly well balanced in brain and brawn, but with a slight excess of brawn.  Some of our boys play on the school rugby and soccer teams, and the girls play on the newly-formed teams of their sports, with quite a large quota upholding them from our House.

Our sporting abilities were shown in the House matches. In December, 1952, the first House matches were played, scores and results reading thus :—

GIRLS HOCKEY                                    
  Seniors  Juniors
v. Green - won 6-4        
v. Blue - won
v.  Blue - won 1-0 
v. Green - won 2-1
  Senior Boys  Junior Boys
v. Green - lost 1-2
v. Blue - lost 1-2
v. Green - won 2-0
v. Blue - lost 2-4

This shows a very good set of results, which were upheld during the next series. Results were :—

  Senior Girls  Junior Girls
v. Green - draw 3-3       v. Blue - won 1-0
  Senior Boys
 v. Blue - lost 1-2


The next series were Netball and Rugby matches played on March 25th.

  Senior Girls               
  Junior Girls
v. Green - draw 3-3
v. Blue - draw 6-6
v. Green - lost 3-6
v. Blue - lost 4-5
  Senior Boys  Junior Boys
v. Green - lost 0-4
v. Blue - won 2-0
v. Green - lost 3-23
v. Blue - lost 3-27

These results undoubtedly show a lowering of the former prestige, especially on the boys' side.  But in losing, they played very good, sporting games, and the girls only just lost their games.
That brought to an end the first term with the new organisation, which works very well.



Lees House

Last Autumn the houses were reorganised into three sections. Later the names were announced and our own house, blue, was named Lees after Dame Lees, a prominent figure in Oldham who left her house and grounds for the benefit of Oldham children.  At the first house meeting on October 1st, the officials were announced :

Girls' Captain, Joan Wild;   Vice-Captain, Patricia Greenall.
Boys' Captain, F. Smith;   Vice-Captain, J. Wareham.
House Secretaries, Barbara Sutcliffe, Arthur Whitehead.
Girls' Sports Committee: Gwenda Jones  (V),  Sheila Butterworth (IV), Beryl McGee, Beryl Hickling and Trudie Kenworthy (III).
Boys' Sports Committee: F. Smith, J. Wareham (VI), A. Whitehead, W. Challinor (V), I. Hibbert and W. Patterson (III).
Senior Cricket, Rugby and Soccer Captain, F. Smith.
Junior Soccer Captain, I. Hibbert.
Junior Rugby Captain, W. Patterson.

HOCKEY              Senior       Blue v. Red - lost
Blue v. Green - won (5-0)
Junior Blue v. Red - lost
Blue v. Green - drawn (1-1)
NETBALL Senior Blue v. Red - drawn (6-6)
Blue v. Green - drawn (8-8)
Junior Blue v. Red - won (5-4)
Blue v. Green - won (7-3)
SOCCER Senior Blue v. Red - won (2-1)
Blue v. Green - drawn (1-1)
Junior Blue v. Red - won (2-0)
Blue v. Green - lost (1-5)
RUGBY Senior Blue v. Red - lost (0-2)
Blue v. Green - won (8-3)
Junior Blue v. Red - won (27-3)
Blue v. Green - drawn (8-8)


In the Senior Rugby and Soccer we emerged equal top with Walton House.    In the Junior Rugby and Soccer we were again top of the series.

B.J.S., F.S.


Walton House

House Master :   Mr. MARTIN
House Mistress :   Mrs. DEARNALEY
House Captains :  D. ELWELL,  JOAN MARLAND
Vice-Captains :  F. BROOK,  J. HURST


Soccer Captain :   D. ELWELL ;   Vice-Captain : G. HIBBERT
Rugby Captain :   G. WILDGOOSE ;   Vice-Captain :  F. STUTTARD
Cricket Captain :   D. ELWELL ;   Vice-Captain : G. WILDGOOSE
Hockey Captain :   JOAN MARLAND ;   Vice-Captain :  JEAN* WHITTAKER
Netball Captain :   JUNE HURST ;   Vice-Captain :  BARBARA LEES.
Tennis Captain :
Rounders Captain :  BARBARA WOODCOCK (Juniors)
Secretary :  BETTY SHANLEY
Library Committee :  C. BENTLEY

* Archive Note - This believed to be in error and should be JOAN Whittaker

Since the formation of Walton House, we have obtained considerable success both in the examinations and in the inter-house Soccer, Rugby, Hockey and Netball matches.  The house has developed from a collection of individuals into a united body, and the house spirit was shown by the support at the matches.

In the Soccer and Rugby matches, all the teams did very well, and tied for first place in all sections. In the Soccer matches the senior boys beat Fawsitt House fairly easily (2-1) and drew with Lees (1-1), but if conditions had been better they would probably have won.  The juniors lost their first match to Fawsitt 2-0, but in their second game they played very well and beat Lees 5-2.

In the Rugby matches, both teams won their first game, but they were tired for the second game and the seniors lost to Lees while the juniors managed to hold Lees juniors to a draw.

Although the girls' teams did not fare quite so well, they were not disgraced.  In the Hockey, the senior girls lost 4-0 to Lees, the sound defeat perhaps being due to lack of practice.  In the match with Fawsitt House the girls adopted a "do-or-die" attitude and managed to make a draw.  The junior team also lost one game and drew the other.  The Netball results were rather better.  The senior girls drew two keenly-fought matches, and the junior team beat Fawsitt House but lost to Lees.

With the winter series ended we can now look forward to the summer competitions with every hope of success.

Finally, I should like to thank the staff members of Walton House for their support and encouragement during the matches.

D. ELWELL, VI Sc., House Captain.