Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


School Notes


At the end of last school year we said farewell to Mr. J. Parker, B.Sc., who had been our headmaster since the school was opened in 1947.  He was forced to retire because of ill-health and is now living at Cleveleys.  Before he left, he was presented with a handsome armchair, the gift of the school, by the Head Girl and Head Boy Joan Wild and John Mellor.

We were pleased to welcome this year as our new headmaster, Mr. T. Higson, B.A., who was formerly Senior English Master at Counthill Grammar School.

Last summer was the first time that we had any pupils old enough to sit for an external examination, the General Certificate of Education.  The results were most encouraging, three scholars - Dennis Elwell, Patricia M. Greenall and Terence Miller - passing in all nine subjects.

The prizes and certificates were presented at the School's first Speech Day, which took place on the 9th December, 1952, and was held at the Hill Stores.  Alderman F. Lord, O.B.E., J.P., was chairman, and Professor Oliver of Manchester University gave the address and distributed the certificates and prizes.  Dennis Elwell achieved an outstanding success in winning eight prizes along with his certificate.

The Middleton Prizes for English, awarded to the boy and the girl with the best results in English in the General Certificate of Education, were gained by two of our pupils, D. Elwell and Pat Greenall.

The house system has this year been revised, there being now three instead of the original four houses.  The new houses are Walton, Lees and Fawsitt.  The housemasters are Mr. Martin, Mr. G. Wright and Mr. Sedgley respectively.  Since the formation of these houses, there has been a series of house matches in Soccer and Rugby for the boys, and Hockey, Netball and Rounders for the girls.  The results are to be found in the house reports.

The school now has a 6th Form for the first time, consisting of 17 students, split up into science and literature sections.  Because of its smallness, most of the students receive almost private tuition.  On the recreation side, a number of clubs have been formed : a Chess Club, a Book Society and a School Choir being all we possess so far.  At the Speech Day the Choir sang several songs, which were well received.  The Chess Club has played two matches, winning one and losing the other.  A Table Tennis Club for members of the 5th and 6th Forms enjoys great popularity.

The boys' teams have had great success during the winter season, four cups having been won and much being achieved in the league tables.

Two of our former pupils have achieved successes in the field of sport since leaving school, these being Peter Marner, who now plays for Lancashire at cricket, and Jean Wrigley, who swam for England in the Olympic Games at Helsinki last year.

A number of trips and excursions have been conducted since the scl'ool first opened.  School parties have spent holidays abroad in Paris, Switzerland and Austria, and a visit to Rome is proposed for next year.  In 1951 a school party visited the Festival of Britain, staying in London for a week, and for two years Miss Turner has taken a party of girls hiking in North Wales.  A number of geographical excursions have been conducted by Mr. Wells to the Lake District, Ingleton and York.

At Christmas, the usual series of parties was held - Junior, Middle School and Senior.  The prefects also held a Prefects' Dance at King Street Stores.  These were enjoyed by all, and we wish to thank the staff and all who helped to make them a success.

A recent innovation has been a series of parents' meetings which have been held in the school.  The parents of the scholars of each form have been able to see the kind of work carried on at school, the various out-of-school activities and school holidays abroad.  According to all concerned, these meetings have been a great success.

We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Edwards on the birth of their daughter, Nicola.

We also have pleasure in recording the engagement of our secretary, Miss Dunkerley, and we wish her every happiness. 


School Officers


Head Girl :  JOAN WILD


Girl Prefects:        Boy Prefects:
Beryl Cressey
Beryl Gartside
Patricia M. Greenall
June E. Hurst
Joan Marland
Marion Orrell
Betty Shanley
Barbara J. Sutcliffe
Jean M. Whittaker
Colin Bentley
Fred Brook
Dennis Elwell
Alan Holt
Frank Smith
John E. Wareham
Arthur Whitehead