Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

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Report on Scientific Society 1963-64



Mr. Janes (Chairman), Mr. Kent, Mr. Briggs, H. Woodson (Treasurer),
D. Andrew (Hon. Sec.), J. Barlow, L. McKissack, D. Timms.


The meetings of the Society went off with a bang caused by a series of demonstrations organised by Mr. Briggs who has admirably filled the large gap in the committee left by Mr. Tempest.  The remainder of the meetings were highlighted by the Annual Arts & Science Quiz (which the Arts won by a narrow margin!) and the very interesting demonstration and talk by a representative of the British Oxygen Company.

The annual dance took place on the eve of the Easter holidays and was very well attended by the older members of the school.  It is usual for the Society to organise two education visits in the Easter holidays and this year was no exception.  A party consisting mainly of younger members of the Society were taken on a conducted tour of the Manchester Docks.  Twenty senior members were conducted around the Sulphuric Acid plant of Hardman & Holden Ltd.

Having dealt with the business of the Society over the last year it remains for me to thank, on behalf of our members, the committee and in particular our chairman, Mr. Janes.

D. ANDREW (Hon. Sec.).



Dramatic, Operatic  and  Debating
Society Report, 1963-64

Chairman: Jeremy Sutcliffe.
John Pestell.
Jean Wallace.


In the past year the debating section has not been very active, the most interesting debate being that concerned with the controversial Commonwealth Immigration Bill.  In October we were invited to Counthill Grammar School for the Inter-school Debate.  For the first time one speaker from each school spoke for the motion and, similarly, against the motion.  This undoubtedly lessened the bias for or against either of our schools and made for a much fairer debate.

The Annual Dance, held in October, was a tremendous success and the profits were given to charity.

In December we presented "The School for Scandal", produced and directed by Mr. McNulty with the help of Mrs. Mann, Mr. Cartmell and Mr. Anderton.  I think that the majority of our audience enjoyed the play, although comments in one of the local papers was rather scathing.

The members would like to wish success to both Mr. McNulty and Mrs. Mann, both of whom are leaving in July.

The Society did invite Henry Livings to speak and we were disappointed at his refusal to do so.

In March, a small party went to the Library Theatre, Manchester, to see Brecht's "Circassian Chalk Circle".

I should like to thank our members for their support but I hope this coming year will see more life in the debating section.