Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


School Notes

The end of this term saw a few changes of staff. Miss Turner, Miss Doherty, Miss Gough, Mrs. Mann, Miss Sanderson and Mr. McNulty all left us. We welcome the return of Mrs. Ford and Mr. Handforth, and offer a warm greeting to Miss Gardner, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Quarmby and Mrs. Bingham.

At Christmas Miss Evans was married to become Mrs. Mann, and at Easter Miss Wood was married to become Mrs. Evers, and also Mr. Williams joined the matrimonial band-waggon. On behalf of the school we extend to them our best wishes for the future.

Speech Night was held on the 12th November, 1963, and the speaker was Dr. Eric Eastwood, an ex-pupil of West Oldham High School, the name by which our school was known before it became Greenhill.  He is now the Director of Research for the English Electric and Marconi Companies.

The older Greenhillians amongst us may be pleased to know that Mr. Bickerstaffe, a former member of staff, has left England with his wife for a teaching post in Sierra Leone.

The school societies have had yet another active year.  The Scientific Society organised visits to Manchester Docks and to the firm of Hardman & Holden, both of which were interesting and informative.  The more religiously minded amongst us visited a Jewish synagogue at Prestwich and Manchester Cathedral with the Scripture Union, whilst it was arranged that a party of sixth formers should attend a conference at Birkenhead.  Once again all these trips were greatly enjoyed, but none more, I am sure, than the ones Mr. Wells conducted.  His trips to Ingleton, York and Knaresborough and the Lake District were as enthusiastically supported as ever and especially by those wishing to further their knowledge in geographical fieldwork.

Greenhill's outdoor activities were continued at Christmas when Miss Doherty, Mr. Stanley and Mr. Prenton took a party to Austria for the Winter Sports where everybody enjoyed himself.

Manchester's Free Trade Hall set the scene for a performance of Moliere's "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" which the Sixth Form French students visited.  Later, they visited the city's University to watch the film "Quatre Cent Coups" directed by Truffaut, and the play "Le Lecon" by lonesco.  Nearer home at Middleton, the De la Salle Training College provided an exhibition of French art and a film to celebrate the French Festival.

The German students, as part of their training, also attended a German day at Manchester University organised by Mr. Martin.

On April 2nd the annual Prefects' Dance was held at King Street Stores, when our tradition of engaging one band was cast aside, and, in an attempt to cater for a wider variety of interests, we engaged the popular group, The Graduates, as well as Neil Jepson's Band.  Fortunately this gamble paid off and was a success both financially and socially.

During the first week of Oldham holidays, Miss Gough and Miss Sanderson will accompany a party of girls to Castleshaw Camp, who will be followed in the second week by a party of boys under the guidance of Mr. Whitworth.

We should like to congratulate Tony Kerr on obtaining his B.A. degree, David Berriman, Kevin Dronsfield, Christopher Knowles and Frank Smith on obtaining their B.Sc. degrees, and Leslie Kershaw on being awarded his M.Sc. degree.   Sandra Holding gained the distinction of being the best office-trainee of the year at Avro's. Jillian Moore has gained success in her preliminary year of training as a nurse, and Joan Stansfield and D. W. G. Kershaw have obtained their final certificates in nursing.

Finally, rather than state here the ideas and plans we have for the future I will conclude on a confident note and say that if the life of Greenhill continues to progress on such a healthy basis as this then we need have no fears about obtaining our share of success in the future.