Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


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Soccer, 1962/63



This season will probably be remembered, not for the games played but those cancelled because of frozen pitches.  No matches were played between the dates 15th December, 1962, and 2nd March, 1963.  Of the games played, however, the results did not add up to the best season at Greenhill by any means, with the most successful side being the U/13 XI who won 3 of their 7 games.  Although the 1st XI lost a large proportion of their games, some of the defeats were by the odd goal only.  Of course, these were the exceptions. Let us hope that next season will bring with it both better weather and results for Greenhill.

G. Shaw (Sec.)



Cricket, 1963


In the 1st XI's eyes this is probably what can be described as an unsuccessful season.  Out of seven matches played against other schools no victories were recorded, and only two of the matches were drawn.  The following list tells the results. Of course, the team's morale remained high and they always played for victory.

18.5.63  at Ashton    

25.5.63  at Home

1.6.63   at Home

8.6.63   at Home

15.6.63  at Heywood

6.7.63    at Hathershaw  

13.7.63  at Home

Ashton G.S. 73-6 

Grenhill G.S. 31 all

Derby School 70-5   

Hathershaw 70-5

Greenhill 63 all

Hathershaw 57-5

Grenhill 48 all

Greenhill G.S. 34 all

Counthill 48 all

Greenhill 28 all

Greenhill 41-7 (Drawn)   

Heywood 69-6

Greenhill 39-8 (Drawn)

Ashton 50-1


Garry Shaw, the Captain, scored the highest score of the season with a 16 against Ashton in the first match, and also topped the batting averages.  As a bowler he ended the season with an average of 11.3, again proving his worth as an "all-rounder".

Geoff. Shaw of 5S proved the most valuable pace-bowler.  He took 16 wickets for 136 runs, giving him an average of 8.5.  However, it was Barlow, the spin bowler, who had the best bowling average, although he was used only for seven overs.  His average was 5.

Frank Yatev Alan Fenton, Philip Shaw and Geoff. Shaw all scored double figures at least once.  Ken Warren was the only batsman to score in all his innings, and Edward Lees was the only person to play in all seven matches.  John Stott again completed a valuable season as wicket-keeper and Kenneth Abbott provided us with some excellent outfield fielding.  Malcolm Lever must be commended on taking a valuable placeas the team's third pace bowler.   He closed the season with an average of 14 runs per wicket.

Throughout the season the first eleven called on 22 players.  Those solicited from the U/15 suggested by their performance that the team may enjoy more success next season.

Hon. Cricket Secretary.