Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


School Notes


The year began with several changes of staff.   We welcomed Miss Singleton, Miss Gough, Mr. Dobson, Mr. Toms, Mr. Janes   and Mr. Whitworth to the school.  The beginning of the Spring Term heralded more changes.  At Christmas Mr. Toms returned to Australia and Mr. Dobson also left.  At Christmas we were also sad to lose our Headmaster, Mr. T. Higson, especially as he went over to join the 'Opposition'.  However, we were very happy to welcome Mr. Gray, who became our respected Headmaster at the beginning of the Spring Term.  Mr. McNulty joined the staff to teach English and Mrs. Carney joined us at the beginning of the Spring Term also.  Mrs. Brierley left Greenhill early in the term and for several weeks the games for the girls were manfully continued by Miss Gough, Miss Singleton and members of the Sixth Form.  However, at Easter Miss Doherty joined us to take over the girls' Physical Education.

The end of the Summer Term brought further upheavals.  Mrs Carney left Greenhill as did Mr. Tempest.  In this the more sinister-minded may detect a plot as he also has gone to join the 'Opposition'.  Miss Singleton and Miss Healey both left to be married and on behalf of the school we should like to extend to them our best wishes.  We should also like to congratulate Mr. Janes on his marriage.  At the beginning of the school year we welcomed Miss Wood, Miss Sanderson, Miss Evans, Mr. Prenton and Mr. Williams to the staff.  Greenhillians were especially pleased to welcome Mr. Briggs as he holds the distinction of being the first Old Boy of Greenhill to return to his old school in order to take up a post on the staff.

We should like to take this opportunity of extending our warm congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gray on the birth of their son, John Michael, Mr. and Mrs. McNulty on the birth of their daughter, Sheila, Mr. and Mrs. Brierley on the birth of their son, Christopher Michael, and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley on the birth of their daughter, Susan.

Speech Night was held on the 14th November, 1962, and the speaker was Professor W. G. H. Armytage, M.A., Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield.

Greenhillians had the great pleasure of noting that former pupils of Greenhill, Sylvia Ogden, Derek Wilde and Stuart Blackshaw, had the degrees of Bachelor of Science conferred upon them this year, and Donald Brooks has been awarded his Ph.D. degree at Sheffield University.  We should like to congratulate them on these achievements.

The school societies were both active and enterprising again this year.  The Scientific Society, under the direction of Mr. Tempest, visited Boots' at Nottingham and Hedley's of Trafford Park.  A party of Fifth and Sixth formers visited the University at Liverpool and all these visits were greatly appreciated by all concerned.  Mr. Wells again conducted his annual visits to Ingleborough and the Lake District which everyone enjoyed immensely.  During the Wakes holidays he also spent a week in the Lake District with the Lower Sixth Geography students engaged upon field work.  During the second week of Oldham Wakes holidays Mr. Thompson, Mr. Whitworth, Miss Healey and Miss Turner took a party of Greenhillians to Hadrian's Wall and the Roman camps in the vicinity.  This proved a most interesting and enjoyable few days.

The sixth form students of Advanced French spent a most rewarding 'French Day' at Notre Dame School, Manchester, accompanied by Mrs. Kuler and Miss Healey.  They also paid a visit to the Free Trade Hall to see the Comedie Francais productions of 'Andromaque' by Racine, and 'Les Precieuses Ridicules' by Moliere.  The Sixth Form German students spent a day at the North Manchester Grammar School where a 'German Day' was held.  This visit was conducted by Mr. Martin.


During the Oldham Wakes holidays Mr. A. Killick paid a visit to school to encourage Greenhillians to join the Youth Hostel Association.  He gave a most lively talk and showed two films. This talk was most successful if one judges by the number of application forms for which Greenhillians asked.

At the end of the Summer term a Schools Music Festival was held at Fitton Hill Secondary Modern School.  Greenhill was represented by a combined Junior and Senior choir and also by several talented soloists.

One of the highlights of the year socially was the re-introduction of the Annual Prefects' Dance which was held at King Street Stores during the Easter holidays.  This event was a great success in every respect and its financial gains enabled the Prefects to present a very handsome show case to the school in which to display the school trophies.  The Upper Sixth also inaugurated an 'Upper Sixth Dance" to which the Upper and Middle schools were invited.

We are proud to record that two members of the Upper Sixth Science at Greenhill, Douglas Abbott and Paul Fletcher, were chosen in face of keen competition from all the other Grammar schools in England to join a party of seventy boys to carry out research work on an expedition to Finnish Lapland for six weeks during the Summer Holidays.  Another member of the Upper Sixth, Christobel Taylor, has been chosen to work for the Voluntary Service overseas for a year on a project in Northern Nyasaland.  She will be assisting in the training of young Africans on a Mission Station there.  To all these Greenhillians who are representing the school at the earth's outposts we extend our congratulations and best wishes.

In the Athletics Field, Greenhill was honoured as D. Cook, M. Russell, A. Dray and P. Brown all represented Lancashire at the Athletics meeting which was held at Wigan.  They were also asked to demonstrate their skill before the Duke of Edinburgh, during his brief visit to Oldham.  Several pupils gained Life-Saving Certificates this year and J. Eastwood, P. Lutener, R. Pickford, D. Cook, P. Brown, A. Dray and R. Worthington gained Bronze Medallions for Life-Saving.  To all these people we extend our congratulations.

From the bare outline of a few of the events which took place during the year it can be seen that this has been a most lively and successful year at Greenhill.