Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


Scripture Union

President: Mr. Higson.
Chairman: Mr. Handforth.
Secretary: Jacqueline Holt.
Treasurer: David Morgan.

Last year the Union had a varied programme.  As well as the usual quiz at which prizes were gained, two trips were organised.

The first was to the A.B.C. to see "Ben Hur".  This film, which 20 members attended, was enjoyed, and proved to be a most successful night out. ,

During the first week of the Easter holidays 30 members under the  supervision of Mr. Handforth went to Chester.  Although the day proved wet it did not damp our spirits.  A visit was organised to the Cathedral.  Our guide proved a most interesting person and added greatly to a worthwhile visit to the ancient sanctuary.  We were amazed at its size and its architectural splendour.

After dinner the members toured Chester by themselves or in groups.  Some went to the museum or walked round the walls.  After tea a sail was arranged on the River Dee.  It was unfortunate that the weather was cold.  The trip was successful and enjoyed by all.

During the year we had visits from Mr. Ramsden, who spoke about, and showed films on, Oberammergau.  Mrs. Tempest also came one night and gave an interesting talk, illustrated by colour slides, on the Holy Land.  We are indebted to them for their services.  Films were also shown and a Brains Trust was held.  A record evening also proved enjoyable.

Unfortunately the Scripture Union lost the Chairman, Mr. Handforth, who took up a post at Ashton.  The Union regrets this loss and thanks him for his good services. We wish him well in his fresh post.




The Historical Society

President:  Mr. T. Higson.
Secretary:  Mavis Fielding.


During the past year our meetings have been many and varied.  Pupils, sometimes individually and sometimes two or three together, have shown films and talked about them.  One film was made by Mr. Handforth and Mr. Bickerstaffe and showed snaps of Oldham, two of these being of Greenhill.  We also had the usual quizzes, films and debates.

At Christmas for the past two years we have had a special entertainment.  The first one took the form of charades and was extremely successful, the Dyer twins winning the prize for the funniest performance.  Last Christmas members of the society acted various historical events.  Among these appeared "Albert and the Beefeater".  Edward Lees was a very amusing Albert, while Sheila Poole and David Morgan excellently filled the parts of his parents.  This was again a tremendous success.

At Easter Mr. and Mrs. Bickerstaffe took a party to the Thames, where we lived on cruisers.  We set out from Bourne End and sailed as far as Oxford.  Then we sailed to Windsor, stopping at Maidenhead on the way.  From here we spent a day in London.  The weather was glorious and all had a wonderful holiday.

Towards the end of term the society had its first dance, which was extremely enjoyable.  Yet this was the last society dance Mr. Bickerstaffe will organise, for at the end of term he left Greenhill.  Everyone is sorry to see him go.  It was he who founded the society, November 6th, 1958, and he has put a great deal of work and effort into the society ever since.  Also he and Mrs. Bickerstaffe have taken parties on 5 holidays during this time - to the Lake District, North Wales, Italy, the Norfolk Broads and the River Thames.  We are very grateful to Mr. Bickerstaffe for the interest he has taken in both the society and the school.

Mavis Fielding.