Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


 Walton House Report

Senior House Master:   Mr. Martin.
Senior House Mistress:  Mrs. Kuler.
House Masters:   Mr. Cooke, Mr. Fogg, Mr. Petford, Mr. Tempest.
Girls' House Captain:  Sheila Poole.
Boys' House Captain:  Steven Shaw.
Girls' Vice-Captain:  Dorothy Cadman.
Boys' Vice-Captain:  John Tortoiseshell.
Girls' House Secretary: Christobel Taylor.
Boys' House Secretary:  David Morgan.
Senior Hockey Captain:  D. Degnan.
Senior Netball Captain:  D. Cadman.
Senior Tennis Captain:  S. Poole.
Senior Swimming Captain:  R. Russell.
Senior Girls' Athletic Captain:  E. Lees.
Senior Soccer Captain:  S. Shaw.
Senior Cricket Captain:  S. Walton.
Senior Cross-country Captain:  J. Barlow.
Junior Swimming Captain:  J. Barlow.
Senior Boys' Athletic Captain:  S. Shaw.
Junior Hockey Captain:  V. Brickies.
Junior Rounders Captain:  C. Whittaker.
Junior Netball Captain:  P. Marney.
Junior Soccer Captain:  A. Sutton.
Junion Cricket Captain:  B. Ravey.
Junior Cross-country Captain:  P. Bamford.
Intermediate Cross-country Captain:  G. Earl. .  


On behalf of Walton House we should like to thank all members for their efforts during the past year.  We extend a welcome to all new members and hope they will do their best to uphold the fine traditions of the House.

Last year the House was fortunate in winning the Boys' Games Cup and was only narrowly beaten in the Athletics Shield, Girls' Games Cup, and Merit Shield.

We also suffered a great loss in that Mr. Petford left us to take up another post in Ashton.  The House will miss his constant support and enthusiasm.  We wish him well in his new post.

Next year we are confident that with your support we will have a more successful year and gain the trophies which have hitherto eluded us.