Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



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Pauline Timmis. Returned to teach Home Economics at Greenhill School as Mrs Whitehead Start Date 1952 at GGS
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Entry NoSourceData
144161954 II.GPhoto
14417Concarneau Beach 1Photo
16631College Grounds 5Photo
16632College Grounds 1Photo
144181956 Greenhill SD ProgPage 2 - Domestic Science Prize
144221957 Dec. Greenhillian, Issue 6Page 11 - Senior Netball Captain, Fawsitt House
144231957 Dec. Greenhillian, Issue 6Page 13 - Committee, Table Tennis Club
144241957 Mar. Greenhillian, Issue 5Page 13 - Committee, Table Tennis Club
144191957 PanoramaPhoto
175201957 Mar. Greenhillian, Issue 5Page 3 - Domestic Subjects Prize, 1955-56
144201957 Greenhill SD ProgPage 5 - 4 'O' Levels
144211957 Dec. Greenhillian, Issue 6Page 3 - Form 5G, 1956-57
144271958 Greenhill SD ProgPage 6 - To Radbrooke Training College, Shrewsbury
144251958 Greenhill SD ProgPage 3 - Arthur Newton Domestic Science Prize
144261958 Greenhill SD ProgPage 6 - 1 'O' Level