Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



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Philip B Shaw. Start Date 1957 at GGS
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Entry NoSourceData
128351960 3APhoto
12841Cap Cur YHAPhoto
16593Broads Boats (2)Photo
16594Yarmouth beach (2)Photo
12843Yarmouth Beach (1)Photo
16592Oulton StationPhoto
128361962 PanoramaPhoto
12842Thames Mooring (1)Photo
128371962 Greenhill SD ProgPage 5 - 2 'O' Levels
16595Thames Mooring (2)Photo
128381962 Oct. Greenhillian, Issue 10Page 3 - Form 5 Lit, 1961-62
16596Thames SightseeingPhoto
16591Sundeck (2)Photo
187231962 Oct. Greenhillian, Issue 10Page 3 - 2 'O' Levels
189741963 Nov. Greenhillian, Issue 11Page 7 - Cricket
189751963 Nov. Greenhillian, Issue 11Page 5 - 1 'O' Level
128391963 Greenhill SD ProgPage 5 - 1 'O' Level
128401963 Nov. Greenhillian, Issue 11Page 5 - Form 5, 1962-63