Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

About the Maud Wild Album




This is an album compiled by the Senior Mistress Mrs. (Maud) Wild. It contains all the formal photographs taken during the 1954 session. They carry the photographers marks A to Z then 1 to 7, 33 photos in total covering all school activities.

We are indebted to Alf Selby for conserving it for us.

Mrs Wild, who was the art teacher, has recorded the names of all the people shown in each photo by writing them on the photo mounts in italic script. Because of this, the entire album is shown on the site including the manuscript names.

They can be accessed from the strip menus, at the top of each photo, or from FotoFind. They are referred to as the '54 Collection'.

The photographs themselves, excluding the mounts, are also shown separately with built in names under the appropriate group menus. This type are referred to as the '54 Series' in the menu systems.

Several groups from this series had already been posted prior to Wild album being presented. In these cases the images are attributed to the original contributor. By coincidence several of these came from pupils' personal albums illustrated here